Britain’s first registered vessel to provide a regular cross channel cargo delivery service under sail. Join us as crew on our cross Channel Cargo Adventures and work towards a greener way of transporting cargo. A hands on traditional sailing experience with a difference. New 2018 schedule out now.

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The Isles of Scilly

Discover and explore the Isles of Scilly in 2018  onboard our 18th Century Lugger. Our popular summer holiday voyages will return. Discover how to sail a traditional Cornish vessel in a hands-on way.  Book your berth with the ship direct.

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Day Sails

Want to come on Grayhound for a day sail with your kids? In 2018 we are offering more day sails in Falmouth & Plymouth with affordable prices for families to sail for the day.

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Sustainable Shipping

Sustainable Shipping


Sustainable Shipping on Grayhound offers you a unique experience to sail on a traditional 18th Century Lugger, delivering up to 4.5 tonnes of organic French wine and West Country ale under sail to and fro across the Channel every summer. You will be hand loading the boxes right into the hold. Becoming a 18th century cargo crew is a fun working holiday, you will be busy and expected to join in many tasks like traditional ship maintenance, splicing and deck scrubbing as well as sailing the ship and loading the cargo. You do not need to have stepped on a ship before or have any sailing experience. You will need to have a good level of fitness, be keen to muck in and learn new skills. If what you are looking for is genuine adventure then you will like what we are offering. Sailing sustainable cargo reduces damage to the environment and is a rewarding and exciting movement happening right now.


Uk sailing holiday

Sail & Explore in Cornwall

In 2017 & 2018 we are offering more of our popular, hands-on, adventure sailing experiences cruising around the beautiful and timeless Isles of Scilly. We offer only two voyages so book quickly. Why not book the whole boat with your family ?  We believe that involving people is the way forward so whatever voyage you sail on you will be expected to help sail the vessel. We have a full time cook and a professional crew. Keeping you safe and allowing you to be hands-on working the vessel is our priority. We have only ever had positive feedback from our voyage crews about us, our family, our approach, our food and our much loved sailing Lugger. These voyages are comfortable, well catered and lots of attentive tutorial is given. Quiet anchorages, small fishing villages, isolated bays and stunning scenery are all found in the areas we sail. You do not need to have ever been sailing before to enjoy one of these voyages you just need a spirit of adventure.



Sailing off into the sunset, Cornish sailing holiday

Long Term Tariff Sep 3rd to Oct 3rd 2018 available

12038122_10153638390639914_1567708262195235185_nWe offer a tariff for under 30’s which enables you to stay on board for a minimum 4 weeks and costs £250 per week. In 2018 we are offering Sep 3rd to Oct 3rd which includes 3 cargo runs and a maintenance week. Also available is de – rig Oct 3rd – 10th 2018 where you will help with taking all the rigging off and servicing jobs.You will get involved in every aspect of sailing, maintaining the ship, helping with ship chores and learning basic navigation. You will be worked hard alongside the permanent crew absorbing what they do and taking in as much as you can. This experience may suit you if you’re thinking of working in the industry in the future, if you’re on a gap year or sabbatical. Whatever your reasons we welcome you to get in touch and see if this tariff could work for you. Please apply via email or phone.  


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Follow all our adventures on Facebook We run the blog from the phone onboard the ship and daily we update our facebook page. It’s the best way to keep in touch... read more

Easter 2016 cargo run and a cracking start to the season

On the 30th of March 2016 we tied up alongside the Prince of Wales Pier in Falmouth . A big thank you to Andy Brigden for allowing Grayhound to load her 2.3 tonnes of ale here. We had a crew of 11 and some local friends helping to load the 2820 bottles making up 235... read more

Gin and Vodka bound for London

“On 17th September my daughter Clara, 18, and I boarded Grayhound for the last cargo run of the season. I had been on Grayhound in May and felt inspired watching the mate, Laura, share her love of the sea with her nephew Bertie, 11. Clara had little sailing... read more

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