Meet the crew


Marcus Pomeroy-Rowden is responsible for all our safety and well being while on board. He is a skilled carpenter and knows every inch of The Grayhound Lugger after two years of building. Previous to this project Marcus has twenty years of skippering experience and living on board boats.063 He grew up on the River Dart sailed from a young age. He worked as a fabricator in his twenties and owned a 40ft cruising boat which he sailed around Western Europe, surfing along the way. For the last fifteen years he has worked as a skipper delivering Sadler Yachts and teaching sailing skills to owners who want to become more competent. Being a West CountryPhoto by Rachael from quba man he aspired to build a traditional vessel one day and in his early thirties he did. Marcus finished building Veracity a replica  32′ Cornish Fishing Lugger in 2004 and has since sailed her around the Atlantic. For years he sailed her engine less using her sweeps to skull into a harbour. More then anything Marcus loves being at sea and taking people sailing. Marcus is a qualified RYA Yachtmaster offshore and a trained remote medic. Skippering Grayhound for him is about teaching the old skills and opening up sailing to a larger and more varied audience.

Summer 2013 customer feed back


“We felt absolute safety with you in charge, no mean feat with us rabble aboard, you seemed completely relaxed with oldies and youngsters alike, introducing us to the basic skills of sailing Grayhound (2-6 heave!), the canons, the gig rowing, the night sail, Scavenger Diving Service and the beautiful beaches and islands of the Scillies.   Not to mention your endless enthusiasm for another sailing tale (or interesting tale on any subject) and tolerance in answering the never ending stream of questions from us and watching us do it wrong…. again, whilst clearly simply having huge fun sailing your boat.  It was a joy to share your passion for your ‘home’ and the sea.”


DSCF2807 (2)

Freya Pomeroy-Rowden is the cook aboard and runs the admin side of the business.  She and Marcus know working on board as a couple can be challenging and believe that the Skipper and Cook roles can have a very harmonious working relationship. Freya aged thirty two is a competent sailor in her own right, she has now sailed around the North Atlantic Ocean twice and is a qualified RYA Ocean Yachtmaster and Radio operator. She has previously worked for Trinity Sailing Trust crewing as Mate and Cook on their three traditional vessels.098-001IMG_0892

She and Marcus as parents jointly share and enjoy the responsibility for Malachi. Freya is always a busy lady in the galley and with her son. As a family they love to be healthy and eat very well, catching Mackeral while sailing and eating alfresco happens regularly. Freya says “This year I am really determined to source my food better and try to cook with Free Range Chicken, Eggs and local meat and veg. There will be the usual  mixture of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.  After returning home from the Atlantic circuit i really appreciate the variety and quality of produce available  in the UK and France . ”

Customer feedback from summer 2013


“Although equally at home on deck, it was your culinary skills that were truly impressive. We could not believe that you catered for so many people with apparent ease, only really getting a teeny bit of help from us lot in the washing up department. We ate like kings, thank you, and timing of things like tea arriving in the washing up bowl out of the hatch, along with a freshly baked cake, was truly splendid. We had probably not really thought about tea, but hey presto there it was coming out of the hatch and marvellous it was to behold! The cake that arrived on one of our last days was particularly good and I think you gave Alison the recipe. Hugo announced that he will make a cake like that every day from now on and so far has managed one (delicious it was) and he is working on it from there.”


Malachi Pomeroy-Rowden is the youngest member of crew. Malachi was born in the summer of 2011, his due date was on race day at Looe Luggers Regatta, with the safety boats ready to take a very pregnant Freya ashore Malachi held on and was born a week later in Plymouth. Since his arrival he has mainly being surrounded by shipwrights and machinery  We as his parents are very much looking forward to showing him the world afloat and sharing our travels with him. He has a lovely temperament and we hope you will enjoy his company. He is very used to being around lots of people and fitting in with things. He has a beautiful cabin on board, Grayhound is very much his home and where he feels safe.

Customer feedback summer 2013

DSCF2299Malachi ( now 5 years old)

‘ It just would not have been the same without Malachi !!! He was a great part of the general team and we loved having him around. Before the trip, we did wonder how it would all work with a 2 year old on a boat, but he is amazing.’




Etoile the ship’s cat 


Etoile is our very friendly cat , she is only a young cat and we are introducing her to the boat this summer in 2017. She is short hair. Please let us know if you have a cat hair allergy. There are things we can do to make your stay still a pleasant one.





The watch leaders and deckhands 

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We have fantastic crew members every year. In 2017  Denning  (sewing) and Rachel  (writing) will be sailing with us as watchleaders. Denning is studying Marine Biology at University and Rachel is working towards her Yacht Master.