Cargo under sail

Join us as crew on our cargo adventures and work towards a greener way of transporting products locally while experiencing sailing in it’s truest form.  A real working, sailing, team building holiday to challenge you and learn new skills.

The Fruit Run

We are getting ready for our Spanish and Portuguese circuit this summer.There is a new ocean race being talked about from Cornwall to the Azores and then onward to Brest festival. This new race for large wooden vessels honors the West Country trading fruit schooners of the 1830’s. 

Brest Festival 2020

Thousands of craft at this spectacular maritime festival which happens every four years. Inquire about group bookings only.

Sustainable Shipping

Sailing cargo from Ireland to France

Cargo voyages on Grayhound offer you a unique experience to sail on a traditional 18th Century Lugger, delivering up to 5 tonnes of produce in the channel and North Atlantic Europe islands and mainland. You will be hand loading the boxes right into the hold. Becoming a 18th century cargo crew is a fun working holiday, you will be busy and expected to join in many tasks like traditional ship maintenance, splicing and deck scrubbing as well as sailing the ship and loading the cargo. You do not need to have stepped on a ship before or have any sailing experience. You will need to have a good level of fitness, be keen to muck in and learn new skills. If what you are looking for is genuine adventure then you will like what we are offering. Sailing cargo reduces damage to the environment and is a rewarding and exciting movement happening right now. All our cargo voyages are designed so you don’t need to fly to any destination.



Uk sailing holiday

The Fruit Run - New Ocean Race for 2020

“The Fruit Run” is a new race designed by Luke & Joanna Powell of Working Sail and us , Freya & Marcus of Grayhound. We wanted to create a ocean race for traditional plank on frame working boats over 45 ft. The route of the race will be divided into two legs. Race 1 will be from Falmouth to Horta in the Azores. Race 2 will be from Ponta Delgada in the Azores and will end in Brest in Brittany, France during the International Maritime festival. This race will happen every four years to co-incide with the Brest festival. It is to honour our local maritime heritage of the Fruit Schooners who sailed from the West country to the Azores to bring oranges in the winter months in the 1830’s. Now it is sailed in the summer and will bring pineapples and tea instead. 

whale watching in the Azores on a tall ship



Sailing off into the sunset, Cornish sailing holiday

Summer bliss in the Isles of Scilly

Our favourite place, the Isles of Scilly. As a family we love our summers here. Mucking about in rowing gigs, beach cooking, foraging, exploring, relaxing and being peaceful with nature. Join us with your children and be part of great company, singing, conversation, group walks, swimming, yoga and of course sailing our Grayhound. We start these voyages and end them in Penzance in west Cornwall. It takes from 5-12 hours to sail to the Isles of Scilly depending on the wind direction. Once in the Isles we focus on island life and Grayhound is our home base, there is less sailing, more rowing and exploring. We then end the voyage with the same sail back to the mainland. We have been offering these family voyages for years now and they are very popular. 



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