To the Azores, Sao Miguel, Pico and Faial

Ever wanted to really see the Azores ? In 2020 you can sail there, spend time there and sail back to mainland France without stepping on an aeroplane.

Whale watching in the Azores. The slower you go the more you see.....

The Azores is one of the world’s top spots for sighting an abundance of whales and dolphins. Sperm, Blue, Fin, Sei, Minke and Humpback are all commonly seen, they are magnificent and mystical.

Explore Sao Miguel and visit hot thermal baths.

Thermal Water Pool of Terra Nostra Park, it’s colour comes from the iron dissolved in the water gushing from a volcanic spring at 35C to 40C and has the healing power of mineral-infused water.

The Fruit Run , two new ocean races from Cornwall to the Azores then to France.

This is it , the launch of our new ocean race for large wooden vessels. It starts in the bar, you row to the anchorage, you wind up the anchor, you sail 1200 nautical miles and you row ashore and finish in the bar !

“Thank you very much for a wonderful trip. This ocean passage was a great and intense experience.” Guest crew from Atlantic passage 2014

Are you someone who really want to experience the following……….

Ocean racing on a traditional ship, dedicating six weeks of their lives to learn how to sail a three masted lugger, to race two ocean passages and spend 10 days exploring the Azores, island by island. For people who want to see the Azores by ship and not by aeroplane. This six week voyage will be with a group of ships, so an opportunity to have a great time all together, meeting new crews and finally ending the voyage in Brest International maritime festival. This is a amazing opportunity ! Want to apply ? To inquire about places email


Are you a wooden ship over 45 feet, traditionally built by plank on frame method, of working boat design and traditionally rigged ? ie. no winches  hydraulics , bottle screw or high tension rigging.

To apply to register to race then email

Participating ships so far are…..

Falmouth Pilot cutter replica PELLEW

The Fruit Run website will be out soon and will explain the thinking behind the race, it’s maritime history and more details about the races and cruise in company.

 What would it be like to spend 6 weeks on the Grayhound ?

Maybe there is truth behind the idea “the slower you travel the more you see”….Sailing definitely    backs that up. It can be tricky navigating from life ashore to the rhythm of the sail boat. Often much patience is needed. It takes longer to get anywhere, its hard work to do everything, even standing up sometimes.   But …. by slowing down and interacting with hard work the rewards are you see more, you slow down, you interact with people in a different way and you see the natural world that surrounds us everyday but we are too busy maybe we miss it…… This six week voyage is about committing to no air travel, committing  to the ship, to your ship mates and committing to giving yourself time to not miss the nature, the hard work and the new experiences  that sailing always brings.

To apply you need to know you don’t get terribly sea sick, you need to like people, you have a  adventurous & courageous spirit, you want to see the Azores, you like to be part of a team, you like hard work, you are active and fit and mentally robust. We are putting a age cap on this folks. You cannot be older than the skipper and he is 50 !  Applications open soon and are open  until December 15th 2019. 

Life changing in the best way possible. Forget climbing the Everest, diving with whales or becoming a Buddhist monk for a month. Sail on the Grayhound Lugger with Freya and Marcus and you’ll get as close to your true and possible self .” 
Brad Florescu April 2016 - Travel writer and blogger

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