To the Azores, Sao Miguel, Pico and Faial

Ocean sailing passage from Madeira to the Azores. Exploration of three Azorian Islands while picking up a cargo of tea.

Sail to Pico with the Whales

The Azores is one of the world’s top spots for sighting an abundance of whales and dolphins. Sperm, Blue, Fin, Sei, Minke and Humpback are all commonly seen, they are magnificent and mystical.

Explore Sao Miguel and visit hot thermal baths.

Thermal Water Pool of Terra Nostra Park, it’s colour comes from the iron dissolved in the water gushing from a volcanic spring at 35C to 40C and has the healing power of mineral-infused water.

Explore Faial by bike

Hire bikes and a truck ride to the top of the island then with all the crew descend down the island from the Capelinhos volcano through remote tracks , forests and villages.

“Thank you very much for a wonderful trip. This ocean passage was a great and intense experience.” Guest crew from Atlantic passage 2014

After joining the ship in Madeira we will straight away set sail for the Azores. To spend time in Madeira come for a few days extra before the voyage starts. It is 673 nautical miles to Horta our voyage destination , so expect 4 days ocean sailing to our first island Sao Miguel which is lush, green and has thermal water springs. Here we can visit the islands by car to see the blue lakes, swim in the thermal pools and visit the tea plantation.  After loading with tea cargo, we sail west with the whales past Pico and to Faial and Horta Marina a famous port for ocean sailors. From here our options are to bike, walk around or up volcanoes, visit the island of Pico or relax in the sailor bar.

GR150719   MADEIRA – AZORES      Marina Quinta do Lorde Madeira – Marina Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel- Horta Marina, Faial. 15 th– 27th July 2019

12 nights   £1236 per person  “Truly a remarkable experience…..amazing food  FULLY BOOKED

GR300719   AZORES – BRITTANY     Horta Marina – Douarnenez    30th July – 13 th August

14 nights   £1442 per person    “I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with an adventurous spirit.”


The final leg of our Portuguese circuit and the long ocean voyage home 1200 nautical miles back to Brittany and Grayhound’s home port of Douarnenez. On arrival in Faial we will as a crew bike for a day descending from the volcano down through the Faial countryside to the port. IMG_1139Once the ship is stowed and ready for sea we will sail through the archipelago and head north. You will be divided into watches and life will settle into the rhythms of ocean sailing for up to ten days we will take care of our ship and each other and just sail, eat, sleep, talk and think. This is a demanding passage and you need to be physically fit and well, mentally strong and be up for working closely with your ship mates at all times.

Life changing in the best way possible. Forget climbing the Everest, diving with whales or becoming a Buddhist monk for a month. Sail on the Grayhound Lugger with Freya and Marcus and you’ll get as close to your true and possible self .” 

Brad Florescu April 2016 - Travel writer and blogger

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