Really not long to go now,

Last caulking minutes for Marcus

we hope you all have the 4th of August set aside for our launch day, don’t miss it. It all kicks off at 2pm with loads of stuff going on. Face painting, games, look around the ship, bump into some pirates or sit back on deck with a glass of wine and take in all our hard work. It is our BIG day and we want to celebrate all afternoon and evening with you. The launching ceremony will be at 7.30pm and after she has rolled herself nicely into the water !!!!!…….we will dance until the music stops at midnight. Loads of beer to be drunk and good times to be had. In the mean time…….

Thank you Martin for your Saturdays

Malachi over seeing

we have got alot of cleaning, painting, oiling, moving of wood to do. We need bodies to help us. We can safely say we will be here EVERY WEEKEND working and we would be so grateful for any help. Give us a call ( number on contact page) or shout us on facebook or just turn up!

Our final colour scheme

As for progress well you won’t believe it she is now nearly in her final colours on port side. The deck is DONE . Marcus finished the caulking last Friday evening, so he has now caulked the whole ship on his own, he was so glad to finish. We are putting glass in windows and making our cabins so we have somewhere to sleep come August. It is exciting and although we work into the wee small hours it will all be worth it.


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