It is April the 13th , only 16 weeks to go until launch day on August the 4th. We will release launch details in the next few weeks but we have a fantastic day planned for you. Over the last month the build has taken on a different pace. The action has now turned to the deck area.

The stunning deck house

Pilot house at deck level

The beautiful pilot house has been built by Russell Ferriday using a CAD program to digitally tweak the curves and angles of the original design by Chris Rees.It looks superb,  not only will it be a functional area to get away from weather and to navigate in, it will also be a communal chill out area. I can imagine curling up with a book in a comfy corner with a cup of tea and basked in sunshine……not long to dream as it is all becoming a massive reality. The deck is now a good way into being laid,

The central deck being laid

We decided to Danish oil the undersides instead of painting them. We love that natural oiled finish and we wanted to make it easy for the future decorators. As you can see from the pics the hull has been completely faired and nearly all primed. Marcus has started caulking the seams on the port side.

The hull is now primed

It is incredible how different she looks once she has some block colour on her…she is beautiful. Hope your enjoying the new website we are working on the itinerary every day and dates and prices will be released as soon as possible so you can pick your voyage.


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