We are really pleased with our Grayhound souvenir range. We are selling to you lovely products which reflect our standards and celebrate our new venture and we hope that folks will buy these goods and promote the Grayhound. We have been wearing the t shirts and long sleeve tops ourselves for a few years now and are very happy with the quality. Being sailors we tend to abuse our clothes a bit and they really get put through it, these t shirts and long sleeves are Gildan Ultra Cotton shirts and are not cheapy cheapy so they do stand up to it. They fade in that lovely way which makes them look better and cooler ! We love the natural colours that we have chosen they seem to go with most things in the wardrobe. This time of year the long sleeve tops are brilliant under jumpers for keeping warm. The mugs that we sell are the mugs that we use onboard the Grayhound. The art work was done by a friend of our a local fisherman Toni Knights and the idea of the design is that it is a celebration of different lug rigged vessels.Place mats


Mug coasters

Freya makes the canvas bags herself, they are embroidered on the front, have a sturdy rope rim and a spilced rope handle. We use ours as a peg bad, another for a tool bag and another for Malachi’s little toys. Sometimes i use mine as a wash bag to take to the shower. I have sold a few to some ladies who have been wearing them as hand bags and loving the nautical natural look. They are time consuming to make and made with love so they should last you a long old time.

Hand made boat bagsOur slate range is made by a local teacher. He felt passionate about creating these slate pieces and they are stunning. We have, mug coasters, place mats and

some wall plaques which have all the lines plan and dimensions of the Grayhound .


Some thing a bit different for Christmas ………



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