On the 30th of March 2016 we tied up alongside the Prince of Wales Pier in Falmouth . A big thank you to Andy Brigden for allowing Grayhound to load her 2.3 tonnes of ale here.

We had a crew of 11 and some local friends helping to load the 2820 bottles making up 235 cases of Atlantic Brewery ale. Bound for Douarnenez and the Brittany market.

Atlantic Brewery is a micro brewery in Newquay all their ale is organic and designed by Stewart take a look at their website for more information about this fantastic small business  http://www.atlanticbrewery.com/

After loading the ale we set sail for Brittany. We had very light northerly winds and had a slow crossing to the Chanel du Four. We sailed into Camaret and anchored after about 30 hrs at sea.

We arrived in Douarnenez where the crew had much  needed showers and beers !  We tasted over 13 of our sail traded wines. The crew also visited the maritime museum. The next day the 5th April the crew changed and we had a new crew sailing back to the UK with us. We loaded the wine bound for Plymouth and set sail on the 7th April. We tacked our way up to Morgat and then the next day to Camaret. When the wind went into the West we left for the Channel and 23 hrs later we arrived in Plymouth after a fast sail back. we had hail  and sun. Once the wine was offloading in Sutton harbour we had a gentle sail in the sun back down the coast to Falmouth. Next cargo delivery is May the 30th from Brixham sign up 

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