From August the 20th to September the 13th we have been busy sailing groups back and forth to the Isles of Scilly. We have had some epic sails in challenging seas and some in flat fast waters. We have been blessed as usual with plenty of sun, dolphins, rainbows and magic. Grayhound is a regular sight in the islands and the locals are getting to know us. Grayhound of course looks timeless infront of such unspoilt scenery, it really is a artists dream out there. We have had our usual summer holiday groups. Some individuals, couples and of course our families who make these voyages for us.

We have been buying most of our veggies,fruit, meat and dried stores from the local Cusgarne organic farm . To us it has improved our quality of life and what scrummy meals we have enjoyed. I have enjoyed cooking more because of it and i think our customers like the change. We hope to carry on with this next year.

The photos speak volumes. We enjoy our sailing out to the islands and then get stuck into exploring once we are there. We were lucky to catch the lunar low tide party on Tresco too. The Isles of Scilly are so unspoilt and easy going. Island hopping is the thing to do once there so travelling on a boat is ideal. There is something for everyone. Thank you to everyone for coming and sharing our summer holiday with us. Another magic year gone by !

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