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Welcome to our food blog. Simple and healthy recipes for a medium-sized boat , 24 April 2019 edition by Freya Pomeroy and Florian Ahrweiler, MD

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This blog is a growing collection of our favourite healthy and easy-to-make recipes, including notes on the health value of the ingredients. Enjoy!

Grayhound is a traditionally sailed three-masted lugger of 90 ft, run by Freya and her husband Marcus. Including the permanent crew of five, up to 16 people live on board while delivering cargo and travelling to Atlantic islands. Catering at sea aims to provide three meals a day as well as morning and afternoon snacks in between. The galley is equipped with an electric four-ringed cooking stove, a hot-air oven, a small fridge and freezer. we have 1200 litres of water to last us up to 14 days for cooking, cleaning and drinking.

Freya & Florian


New Zealand cold oven batter bread


(Makes two loaves, i.e. one lunch for 12–16 people.)



2 dessertspoons of honey


2 cups of boiling water

and mix with

2 cups of cold milk.


2 sachet of dried yeast

on top. You could also use one cube (ca. 40 g) of live yeast, dissolved in the milk before adding it.


Let it rest covered in a

warm place

for 15 Minutes.


Then, add

8 cups of flour

(e.g., 4 of wholemeal and 4 of standard flour — do  not fill to the brim but ca. 1/2 in. less),

2 dessertspoons of salt



(e.g., fennel seed, cumin, caraway),

or other additives

such as dried fruit, seeds, or even ham and cheese.


The dough should have the consistency of a smooth batter, rather like a cake dough than a pizza dough.


Fill in

greased or lined tins

and put into the cold oven @ 100 °C for 15 minutes and then @ 185 °C for another 45 minutes. Leave in tin for a short while to cool before turning out.



Nutrition & health

Wholemeal flour contains all the ‘goodies’ from the bran, which is the outer layer of the grain: protein, vitamins, oils, and minerals. The plus in fibre is thought to regulate digestion and the intestinal microbioma, including help in keeping the mucosal barrier of the gut intact. Wholemeal fibre appears to lower blood lipid levels. Consumption of wholemeal food is associated with a lower risk for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.



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