It has been an exciting DSCF1437time for us over the last two weeks, we set sail for Brixham in pursuit of cargo . it was a beautiful Easter weekend, the sun was shining , Brixham DSCF1371was full of visitors, crabbing on the quay,DSCF1367 eating fish and chips…. the heritage pontoon was alive with people going on daysails on Vigilance and Leader was in getting ready for a sail training adventure. We had a Easter egg hunt with the ¬†family on Easter sunday. Our crew from the Netherlands arrived on the sunday evening Tony, Jelte, Roland , Freek , Paul and Catherine from Devon. Monday we worked hard on the rig preparing forDSCF1462 t’gallants with the light winds forecast . It was hot …….

The ale arrived early onDSCF1415 tuesday morning 3.5DSCF1373 tonnes of Organic Avocet ale from Exeter Brewery. DSCF1469The owner of the brewer Alan came down to see the loading . With a human chain formed we very quickly loaded on the 347 cases of bottled ale. They all stowed nicely in the saloon covering all the sole board area up to the height of the table. DSCF1450We then covered the cases with cushions so we could crawl through to the accommodation area.

When loaded our friend Tony Knights a local fisherman came down to say hi and help the crew hoist the t’gallants. We then sailed off the pontoon under full sail. DSCF1435Light winds and a few hours later start point appeared. The wind freshened and the t’gallants filled and we were off bound for Brittany.

We arrived in Camaret 24 hrs later and sailed onto the anchor as the winds died. We decided to stay the night and wait for the breeze to pick up in the morning.DSCF1422

We then sailed the next morning to Douarnenez , a largeDSCF1471 basking shark swam past us very close. We arrived in DSCF1460Douarnenez late that night because the winds were light and towards the end we had to tack up into the bay. We arrived greeted by friendlyDSCF1446 fisherman and our shipping company representatives. We all went out for beer and pizza and felt so happy to be there delivering cargo.  DSCF1412

The next morning, we took Grayhound into the locked harbour to off load into the shoreside warehouse. Delivery number one complete !

Thank you crew you made it fun, memorable, we laughed so much and we lived well with each other. Will always remember this journey with you.



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