Happy New Year to you all. We now can reveal the accommodation area on Grayhound so you can start planning your holiday. We have designed the accommodation space so that it can be very flexible. On a day sail or weekend sail we can accommodate up to twelve voyage crew,on any longer voyage we are restricting it to eight. Some voyages are already booked by whole groups and some by individuals and couples. To Book your voyage call Classic Sailing on 01872 580 022 have a look at all the itinerary by looking at our Voyages page and our schedule on Classic Sailing’s website click here

We can accommodate the following …..

  • Two families ( of two adults and three children) one in the Fore Cabin and one in the Saloon
  • 4 couples
  • 8 singles
  • and a mixture of all of the above, have a think about how best it would be for your group to fill the spaces.



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