Why do we do it ? Sail small amounts of cargo around the Channel  ?DSCF1697 Well read below to see why the buyer, the agent and the sailors do it. then join us as a buyer or a agent or a sailor to be part of something different that is happening now. DSCF1712DSCF1733The pictures show our latest cargo of wine being loaded in Binic sailed from bordeaux by the sailing vessel Biche and onwards by us. Our nest cargo is June 30th delivering ale to douarnenez. Want to join us then email freya@grayhoundluggersailing.com or call 07922648472. You can join for all or part of the delivery. DSCF1705


Zennor Pascoe, Cusgarne organic farm: “It’s our mission to provide our customers with excellent products that make being environmentally friendly that little bit easier and more fun. We had been wanting to stock wine at the farm shop and make it available for delivery to our customers for a long time but had been struggling to find a supply that met our standards for both quality and ethics. This partnership with Grayhound and TOWT-Transport à la voile-Sail-shipping really does meet these standards. This low carbon transportation; harnessing the power of nature and using traditional skills from farmers and sailors is incredible and exactly what we believe in and is why we are so excited to be part of this inspiring new venture. This is not just excellent wine however; the story, integrity and passion that comes with it makes it truly unique.”DSCF1704 DSCF1702 DSCF1700DSCF1744 DSCF1739

Guillaume Le Grand, “TOWT – Transport à la voile’ co-founder: “The shipping industry is currently ill-equipped to cope efficiently with the challenges of the 21st Century. Cheap energies will last only a few more years, then the wind will have to take over. The objective is to leverage traditional sailing cargo vessels, such as the “Grayhound” as a way to protect our future; and to promote a logistical alternative that both looks at a carbon-free future in a more tangible way and fosters a paradigm-changing context in shipping.”DSCF1708

Marcus Pomeroy-Rowden “ Skipper and owner of the Grayhound Lugger”

Onboard Grayhound we are passionate about treading as lightly as possible on our planets resources. We wanted to start a small family run business that stood for this , we didnt know if it would be possible….and we are trying to find out. With the help of TOWT and buyers like Cusgarne organic farm we are starting something that could be a powerful move into a different thinking of how things are transported and how as neighbouring countries we work together in a alliance to support each other. Where ever we load or offload cargo we always put a smile on people’s faces and we’re sure we make them think, if but for a second “there really are people out there doing something which challenges old ways and breaks the mould” If what we do is just to start the discussion then it is worth it. In the mean time we are sailors sailing in home waters to deliver quality products to buyers who care and it feels great all round.DSCF1710

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