To everyone that has sailed with us , supported us, worked with or just followed from a distance, we have an important announcement. Marcus , Freya & Malachi have recently sold the Grayhound. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for 10 years of amazing memories. We are very proud of our vessel and our work. We would like to thank all the shipwrights who helped build her and all the crew who helped sail her. Our crew over the years have been exceptional and have made our sailing adventures fun and exciting. Classic Sailing thank you for marketing us and believing in us back when we were starting our project and the continued support throughout.

You can all be sure Grayhound will always be in our hearts and this is a happy & sad moment for us. 🙏🥰 Under the new ownership, who are Swedish, they are going to carry on the Grayhound story in her next chapter. More about them soon…..But we can say…. The Grayhound will be operating in 2021 with a brand new exciting schedule , which will be on the website soon. Marcus will continue to be a consultant to the Grayhound and skipper from time to time. This season Marcus and Freya will be handing over and training the new crew and owners. So for now friends “Au Revoir “

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