Photo by Staurt Millard

On Thursday we sailed around to Dartmouth in Devon. It was a 6 hr passage from Plymouth, we motored in flat calm seas until we got to Start point light house, a gentle breeze picked up . We had Veracity’s sails with us and some spare jibs we managed to rig together a decent enough rig to push Grayhound along. The picture shows us sailing into the River Dart. The castle let off their cannons and we gave them a broadside back.

It was a fantastic moment for us to arrive back in Dartmouth .It had been 16 months since we left, on Marcus’ little Lugger Veracity , Freya with a bump, both heading off to Millbrook to build our dream. Now here we are at anchor,  a toddler crawling around the deck and our beautiful 18th century vessel stunning the crowds. We will be here for Regatta this weekend alongside the town quay wall Thursday 30th – Sunday 2nd

Don’t forget to book your day sail they are going fast !!!!!

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