Dominica other wise known as paradiseP1070534

P1070544Green, vibrant, genuine, bananas, flowers, thermal water, rainforest, fruits, spices, essences, rum, history, plantations, Carib Indians, local food,P1070558P1070559 big smiles, passionate people, dirty, rugged, battered, faithful, invested in, changing, markets, medical centres, lemon grass, mountains, views, beaches, twisted vines, P1070594spooky trees, inventive locals, striving people. Determined to succeed, rivers, rain, roots, boiling lakes,P1070605 gorges, fresh water , water falls, deep damp forest, giant butterflies, parrots, dragon flies, bay leaf tea, smoked coconuts. Old sugar factories, remnants of the past. New roads , new construction, new ideas. More tourism , will it change ? Did we visit it at the right time ? We had conflicting feelings of this island being a rare jewel a rich natural land and it been swallowed up by the future the investments the desire for more European ways.P1070589

The boiling lake hike walked by Marcus, Steve, Jen, Xander and their guide Frances.1890987_878386728854048_1668898998_n 1907573_878386332187421_1754686030_n 1920168_878386778854043_1012736220_n 1970536_878386868854034_250065916_n 1979717_878387055520682_1468294493_nP1070588P1070574

Our island tour with Winston. Portsmouth to the north east coast, Woodford hill, Wesley, Marigot, Bataka, The Carib Indian territory, Salybia. Through the Central forest reserve, Spanny falls, Wotton Waven, to Roseau and down the west coast to Soufriere then back to Portsmouth.P1070569P1070581P1070622P1070524

High lights of the day Winstons’ knowledge and thorough guide around all the old plantation factory’s, his own home village. Hiking in the rainforest to waterfalls with a 2 and a half year old on our shoulders. Well done Marcus for climbing with him so we could all experience swimming in the cool fresh pool under the waterfall.  P1070598

walk to a rain forest waterfall Rum testing in a local bar in the middle of no where when visiting the native Carib territory. Trying local produce picked from tress and bush seeing the progress in infrastructure colourful streets of Roseau ending the day sitting in a thermal pool on the oceans edge as the sun went down on the horizon. At anchor in Portsmouth. Green green green forest in every direction , efficient and supportive yacht service , beach bbq for the PAYS team ( Portsmouth association for yacht security) a great group of guys who look after all your needs at anchor , organise laundry, food, tours and in return earn a living and they take such pride in their work. Thank you Jeffery who was our guy.

Rowing up the Indian River with Jeffrey . P1070530P1070528A water nature trail, in silence , listening to the birds and insects, creeping through tree roots and vines, palms rustle above you and fish swimming around. A quiet time to be rowed around ( a real treat for us lot ). collected beads in the forest to make jewellery, saw hummingbirds dig for nectar while sipping on a bay leaf tea in the forest cafe.P1070508P1070507



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