The Launch was a fantastic event, there were so many of you there!!!! Thank you to everybody for coming a willing Grayhound into the creek. Here are a few ics that capture the day.

Pictures by

Our view from the Grayhound

Classic Sailing, Rosanna Shakerley, Bill Booth and Freya




“Watching the launch of Grayhound felt like being part of a film…yet this was real and that was what made her launch one of the most memorable experiences ever. We were so pleased to make a detour on our trip down to North Cornwall to see you guys make your dream come true. Inspiring, uplifting and without a doubt…one day we just HAVE to take a journey on Grayhound now. Thrilled to have shown our little boys such an amazing sight. As a family we have just taken up sailing…and our dream is to sail competently on warm waters one day and stay onboard a chartered yacht. It may not be as big a dream as yours..but it inspired us to make it happen even stronger. We wish you all the very best.”   Anita Ribbons


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