Our third ale run of the year. We loaded in Sutton harbour Plymouth 150 cases of Avocet organic ale and 150 cases of Atlantic ale from Atlantic brewery another organic ale from a Newquay brewery. Grayhound crew are shown here warping Grayhound into the harbour for loading and handloading onboard before setting sail for Brittany

After loading the cases of ale, we left sutton Harbour at 17.15 through the lock. With a SSW breeze and a forecast not favourable to round the Uschant we decided to cross channel with the good wind we had a make landfall in France then work our away along the coast with the forecasted southerly winds in the coming days. We made a very speedy crossing in 12 hours reaching the coast. Some light wind and slop slowed us and we were running against the tide but not losing way. We continued to sail west along the coast all the next day, it was slow progress and difficult swells made it hard.

This is where the temptation to use the engine was strong but we are a sail cargo ship and must dance with the winds and be patient. For what is the rush ? We are all here to sail and no strict deadlines allows us to do this at last sailing for sailing sake ! We rounded Ushant and decided to take the outer route but then the wind changed to the SW and we headed back into the Channel du four and the wind and tide slooshed us south thank you wind for going west and the tides matching our needs.

A happier crew and our destination now near. The southerly swell made for a choppy passage down the channel. Once through we bore away  heading for Cap de la Chevre  by mid afternoon we were anchored in Douarnenez . So a 60 hr passage in total which could take us 24 hrs with favourable winds we covered 290 miles instead of the straight route of 140 miles. This is the reality of sailing the old way dealing with what comes your way. The crew have now bonded and are working well on the ship. Now a day of rest after offloading before we head further south for Nante.

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