Grayhound and Fairtransport unite

RETURN OF SAIL “Fleet of cargo sailing ships unites under Fairtransport flag.” Brigantine Tres Hombres made her maiden voyage in 2009 to the climate conference in Copenhagen. Since then, year after year she has been sailing down to the West indies and up...

Our three masted rig shows off in Brixham

The three masted lugger out in Torbay this bank holiday weekend. Under full sail Grayhound is handled by a crew of 10 adults during the heritage regatta in Brixham and Brixfest 2015. Grayhound won 1st prize in her class . Grayhound is using Brixham this summer as her...

Moving cargo and why we are doing it.

Why do we do it ? Sail small amounts of cargo around the Channel  ? Well read below to see why the buyer, the agent and the sailors do it. then join us as a buyer or a agent or a sailor to be part of something different that is happening now. The pictures show our...

To Sark on way to Binic

Grayhound’s latest adventures have been cross channel to Binic for the Morue en fete and our next cargo loading of wine bound for Falmouth. The crew enjoyed our time ashore in Sark. Here are some pics of us exploring. 

Grayhound’s first cargo voyage April 2015

It has been an exciting time for us over the last two weeks, we set sail for Brixham in pursuit of cargo . it was a beautiful Easter weekend, the sun was shining , Brixham was full of visitors, crabbing on the quay, eating fish and chips…. the heritage pontoon...

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