On March the 23rd we welcomed aboard twelve students from Plymouth University. They were second year students all studying the Navigation and maritime science degree. What a great bunch they were, their tutor Chris Pollard sailed as crew. The Grayhound performed as a excellent study ship. DSCF1264

The students were set taskSailss in all different skill areas. they were asked to make passage plans, think about real safety briefs and marine legislation ie looking at the paperwork side of things that we have to do to licence the ship and make it ready for commercial use.

Practically they learnt lots of skills, they were divided into two watches and had to do all the cooking and cleaning aswell as keep the boat sailing and navigating correctly.

they learnt how to tie knots, splice ropes, mooring skills and best of all they learnt to row our two mini gigs and we had several team races.

During the week we sailed from Plymouth to Falmouth and back covering over 100 miles. The students ranged from 20 – 28 and all had very different goals and work ambitions. But for all of them we believe they got alot out of a week onboard Grayhound. They saw the ins and outs of running a commercial ship, learnt to sail and also learnt that people live extraordinary lives outside of the normal system.

We hope to make this March field trip a annual voyage and help the uni give their students varied maritime experiences, where their theory in the classroom can be put to the test and learnt in a practical sense.

Thanks to Chris Pollard for getting us involved with the uni.

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