What should we bring ?

It’s your party, bring what you like, party frocks, high vis jackets and fairy lights have been brought before. Really useful things to bring are wellies/waterproof boots, sturdy footwear, thermals and warm clothes, seasickness tablets ( if required), hats warm and sun, suncream, swimmers,torch,notepad,small day pack and towel.

Should we arrive early at the meeting place before the voyage starts ?

No, do not arrive early we will not be there until 14.00 on the dot so unless you like waiting around go get a coffee. We never leave the port for a good few hours . Once you’re onboard we have safety briefs, cups of tea, domestic briefs and showing you your bunks etc. Then you have to get the anchor up by hand so there is no panic about being there an hour before embarkation time.

What sort of food does Freya cook ?

It’s different depending on which voyage you’re on. Everything she cooks is homemade and using regional produce wherever possible. If you’re on a Sailing Voyage cruising around the West Country or Brittany then it’s things like seafood pasta, fresh fish pie, beautiful salads, roasted veggies, curries, roasts, quiches and pizzas.  If your’re sailing as cargo crew then it’s easy to eat at sea food, big pots of stews, curries, soups. baked spuds and pasta. We always love our veg, so there’s always plenty. If we are in France it’s baguette and cheese for lunch and lots of salads! We are not a restaurant, food onboard is simple, healthy and tasty.

Can we have showers everyday ?

No you can’t. This is a sailing ship not a cruise ship. If you want to be that clean then don’t come. We tend to use the showers ashore, we only use the shower onboard if we cannot get showers ashore. Plenty of seawater to jump into though. We always find showers ashore when we are in the Isles of Scilly and in the French ports. Bring biodegradable wet wipes to keep clean.

Will we have cabins or curtains ?

Neither. All the bunks on Grayhound are dormitory style and open plan. You all have lee clothes which provide some privacy and keep you safe. The bunks are very spacious and have a good amount of headroom with a reading light in each. Living on a boat is never that dignified and by the end of your voyage you know your shipmates pretty well. There’s nothing to hide on a boat living communally, so open up and lose that reserve!

What happens if i’m allergic to cats ?

There is a cat onboard on some of the voyages. Please ring us to discuss if you have an allergy. We of course do our level best to make sure the boat is hoovered and washed down regularly. We do not have upholstery all the cushions and bunks are wipe down material too.

There is a little boy onboard how does that work with all the crew ?

Our son has always lived on Grayhound, sailing and sharing his home with you all. Infact he loves it. We have never had anything but positive feedback from crew regarding him. In fact a lot of the time people can’t imagine a voyage without him. He sleeps through the night , he eats well, plays with everyone and makes us all laugh. It’s his home and he will enjoy showing you round and telling you how it’s done ! Sometimes he will not be on the voyage as he has school ashore.

Do we drink much alcohol ?

We don’t to be honest, if your looking for a boat that does heavy wine drinking into the wee hours then maybe look at some of the other amazing sailing charter vessels. We are a family boat, we enjoy drinking the organic French wine and beers that we sail across the Channel and maybe a dram of rum on deck at night. But we’re more into herbal teas and early nights most of the time. You can try our wine onboard too and as part of the cargo voyages we offer a wine and ale tasting.

How early do we get up ?

The cook is up and puts kettles on at 7 am and we tend to have breakfast at 8am to get the most out of the day. 

Do we go into marinas ?

We try to avoid it, would you want to go into a car park for the night when you have everything you need onboard and you could be anchored somewhere quiet, peaceful and at one with nature? We sometimes go in to fuel up, get water or have showers just depends on where and when.

Do you cater for different diets ?

This is a tricky one and it very much depends on the individual scenario. If you have a dietary requirement or a food allergy then you need to talk to Freya about it asap. Some voyages we cannot cater for it,  we warn you. Vegetarians are generally always catered for on all voyages as long as you are not too fussy. We have catered for Gluten and dairy free crew before but on a ‘you must help out the cook basis’. We often ask you to bring your own snacks and alternatives with you like gluten free bread, pasta and soy or rice milk. We are happy to work with you on it but don’t rely on us to make it all happen for you. We don’t have time for fad diets so leave them at home and eat what you’re given !

What is your best advice for preparing us for a voyage ?

Come relaxed knowing you’re joining a friendly ship. We all will feel nervous at the start but it soon warms up. Don’t worry about being sea sick its very normal and you generally get it more if you are nervous. Don’t worry about toileting and snoring. Just come with a good enthusiastic attitude, a pair of good earplugs and a will to get to know a new scene and group of people.

If I am not very physically able should I book a voyage on Grayhound ?

In order to sail on Grayhound it is very necessary for you to be active and have a good fitness level. For the Cargo deliveries it is a must, the Sailing Voyages it is a preference and the day sails not so important. When we leave the boat to explore ashore we row in our tenders. You have to climb over the side of the boat and lower yourself down into a rigid dinghy in a swell. Not that easy. If you jump off the side for a swim you have to climb back onboard up a rope ladder also harder than it sounds. Sailing Grayhound is physical and we get you doing more than you might think. So maybe there are other vessels more suited towards your needs and wants if you’re not that physically able. If you want to chat about it then get in touch.

What sort of age groups sail on Grayhound ?

We have a mix but normally between 30 – 60 year olds. We have sailed with some pretty awesome guys in their seventies and we have crossed oceans with families and their 5 year olds. But most people are young professionals and active 50 year olds. We tend to attract families too with teenage kids. Some of the best weeks have been whole group bookings of two families who know each other.

Do you ever offer discounts on your voyages ?

No, we don’t believe in discounting. We all work very hard in this industry to bring high quality experiences and discounting de-values what we do. We have never had anyone to our knowledge leave the boat unsatisfied that they did not get their money’s worth. We do offer a price reduction if you book the whole boat and we always offer  child berths on our Isles of Scilly and taster weekend sailing voyage at a lower price. 

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