Retreat voyages in Galician islands and rias .

The Cíes Islands are an archipelago off the coast of Pontevedra in Galicia, in the mouth of the Ria de Vigo.

Perfect beaches , quiet and away from the mainland.

The Cíes Islands were declared a natural park in the 1980’s they are covered in pine forests and trails. They also represent one of the best bird observatories in southern Galicia, they have the best diving seabeds of the Rías Baixas.

National park anchorages.

Explore the islands, swim from the boat and grill fish on deck in the summer’s evening.

Galicia a seafood heaven.

Eat local and fresh with Freya’s cooking. Fish and shellfish are so much the part of the diet and culture in north western Spain as well as stews, meats, cheeses and regional wines.

Bird species include birds of prey,guls, pigeons, petrels, pelicans, doves, woodpeckers and other types of birds, which nest in trees and cliffs. The scrubland is formed mainly of autochthonous species, like gorsebroomasparagus, spurge flax  or rockrose.

GR010619   BAY OF BISCAY PASSAGE Douarnenez to Vigo Ocean passage. 1st – 8th June 2019

7 nights £720 per person    “This has been real sailing” 


Ocean sailing voyage of 450 nautical miles. After sailing down the Bay of Biscay ( 3 days sailing approx )we arrive in Galicia and the beautiful northern Rias ,visiting places like Camarinas and Iles Cies national park before finally docking in Vigo. On passage you will be part of a watch system 4 hours on 4 hours off, you will have a watch leader on deck with you and be sailing through the night, under the stars and dolphins under the bow. Ocean sailing is challenging and for the adventurous, you need to be physically fit and mentally strong. Be part of the team crossing Biscay which is a shorter ocean passage than the others we are sailing in 2019.

GR120619     GALICIA  SAILING RETREAT  12th June – 19th June 2019

7 nights £980 per person  “Unique & special” 


You join in Vigo city, Marina Davila, which is an easy transfer from airport or train to boat , we leave for a week sailing a short distance to the islands away from the mainland. The Cíes Islands lay a few miles in the mouth of the Ria Vigo. The three islands are Cies, Illa do Faro and Illa de San Martino. They are a nature reserve, we have to get a permit to sail and anchor there, they are special and pristine. See below for more description as the two voyages are identical.

GR220619  GALICIA  SAILING RETREAT  22nd June – 29th June 2019

7 nights £980 per person    ” inspiring, thought provoking, and just basically wonderful” 


These two retreat voyages are designed to be relaxing and comfortable with delicious food and your own boat to enjoy for the week. Sailing Grayhound is always a physical adventure but we are here to enjoy and relax. Yoga sessions on the beach, time to read and swim and gently walk around the nature trails. Designed to be out of summer holidays we don’t expect children so have not offered a child price and the islands should be quiet at this time and the weather should be great.

“A wonderful few days on a magical boat with lovely people. Congratulations on a truly inspirational project.”

Guest review June 2013

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