Life On Board

Grayhound may give you a flavour for a different life, where you go back to basics and live simply, maybe re-adjusting what you once thought was necessary in today’s busy modern world .SAM_3107

We are a small family run business offering a modern, fresh faced, adventure sailing experience on a newly built traditional vessel. Once on board you will live as a group of up to sixteen people, that’s including the permanent crew.

When you book a voyage with us you book a hands on traditional sailing experience. The Grayhound is a working vessel with lots to do and be involved in. We offer a calm, simple environment to work and relax in. As people we love nothing more than cooking lots of food for everyone, having interesting company on board, some music playing on deck and a glass of wine in hand.P1050155P1050178

P1040854 These essences of life can be found. Every harbour we reach offers new flavours, smells, sounds and new company. We sail with our little boy Malachi and we encourage families to come on board and sail with us too.

We love our food !P1040741

On Grayhound we cook our hearts out. Life on the sea is all about sailing our ship, keeping our ship mates company and eating !


Grayhound is rather special she has a full time cook onboard 1013552_718988661460523_873462866_n (2)introducing…..Freya    who loves to cook and is passionate about getting great ingredients on board and serving it up well and with a love that is appreciated by the crew.

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We have grown to believe Caribbean Rum tastes good whilst entertaining in a French festival and Spanish Jamon Sarrano goes down well mid Atlantic! the joys of sailing and storing the produce from other lands as you go.


We do our best to show you the places we visit, the local culture, history and cuisine. We encourage voyage crew to get really involved in the experience on board and ashore.P1050024 We try to support local business where ever we go, places like the Grenada chocolate factory in the West 


Indies.. will be great to visit.
When sailing an offshore passage you will stand a watch with the crew, the rythm of watchesP1040746

chris 025-001through the night and day sets routine on the ship and gives a chance for all to participate. Once in port Freya will be glad for you to go to the markets with her to provision the ship. We all eat together and you can meet and drink with our friends as we revisit our favourite places. We sail the vessel when at all possible, we row to and from the Grayhound. We love racing, it’s fun and competitive and the festivals are full of music, dancing and socializing. If you join us for a race week we really pull together as a team and have a great time.

533658_725529417473114_153173801_n (2)All these activities we believe are vital to making the most out of your time with us. There will be plenty of chill out time too, we love our books and sunshine and with a young family we like to take time off to explore or just hang out in a hammock on board.IMG_1652

Being sailors we get used to being flexible, and see it as a strength within our business. We hope to tailor your voyage to suit the general desires of the group. If you are a bunch of surfers we will try to find you a surf beach and come surfing with you, if you are a group who does not want to go ashore we can get Grayhound remotely tucked away and escape for a week very happily…..P1040820970267_715353691824020_1145281391_n (2)

Customer feed back summer 2013

‘Grayhound is a stunning 3 masted Lugger, admired wherever we went, plenty of attention and pictures along the way.  Owned by Marcus and Freya and with young son and crew member Charlie, it had a nice family feel to the adventure. There were plenty of opportunities to help crew and with so many experienced sailors, I had plenty of brains to tap into. I learnt a lot, had a go at the helm (badly I might add, must try harder), raising and taking down sails, helping with tacking, keeping watch on the way to the Isles of Scilly. Weather was really good, beautiful islands, stunning rock formations against the clear blue sky and deep blue sea.  Saw a lot of Common Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita), small jelly fish with four bright pink rings in the middle.   Wonderful home cooked food on board by Freya, lots of variety and each meal has a surprising little touch that Freya adds. Freya and Marcus like the variety of guest crew and little Malachi adapts very well to new visitors, so it’s quick and easy to settle in. There were plenty of laughs along the way, it was a great experience.’

Voyage Crew July 2013


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