Sail Cargo between Brittany and Cornwall

“Being part of Grayhound for a week has changed things for me: I have gained a new perspective on everyday life.”

Make life long friends as you work together.

“I am more self-confident and more positive than before. I am more deeply infatuated with sailing and seamanship.”

Crossing the English Channel

“The experience of crossing the Channel by night will live with us a long time, wind in our hair, steering, hoisting sails, plotting our course and spotting dolphins leaping under our bow.”

A greener way of transporting cargo

imagesTHE WINE RUN  Douarnenez- Isles of Scilly – Falmouth.

THE BEER RUN  Plymouth- Dartmouth- Falmouth- Douarnenez.

We work with  a Breton company called Trans Oceanic Wind Transport ( TOWT) they organize all aspects of the cargo itself and then we deliver it under sail using as minimal engine hours as possible. DSCF2343 Each product we carry has a coded label which one can track to see where, how and who sailed it. The cargo voyages are available for 7 nights onboard , with a full- time cook and professional crew. The Brittany ferry service is a useful way to connect your trip, or bike one way and stow your bike onboard. A wine tasting and a visit to the Douarnenez maritime museum is also included in the price of a cargo voyage.  Public transport information to France .

2019 voyages with spaces

GR090419   Douarnenez to Plymouth via the Isles of Scilly  9th – 16th April 2019 £720  Fully Booked

GR140519   Plymouth to Douarnenez via Dartmouth  and Falmouth   14th May – 21st May 2019 £720   Book here 2 places left

The patience, teaching, fun and care of Freya, Marcus, Malachi, Pierre and Jasper made for the perfect week. I was totally new to life on the waves, looking to switch off from the daily grind and do something challenging, eco friendly and totally different. 

Anna Roberts cargo crew 2018

Loading Cargo

My passage with you was inspiring, thought provoking, and just basically wonderful. You have created a great ship and a great business, and I know enough of boats and of people to be very respectful of what you have achieved. ……I particularly loved observing the way in which you and the ship worked to build the confidence and skill of the crew, and at all sorts of levels. The joy of a craft like Grayhound is that there is diversity and variety in the work, which enables the community who work her to find various kinds of interaction, and various kinds of reward. It’s how work should be. The relevance of what you are doing is not lost on me, and in this mad century you have a healing vision…….

Duncan Curtis cargo crew April 2017 Douarnenez - Falmouth

Since 2014 we have shipped over 50 tonnes of cargo. One delivery fully laden saves five tons of CO2

Traditional seafaring reveals people to themselves in a way today’s technically orientated sailing never can. Grayhound seems to me the epitome of looking life full in the face. She represents an enterprise of shocking boldness. The nation should be proud of young people with a vision on this scale and the fortitude to see it through.

Tom Cunliffe

A Greener Way Of Transporting Cargo

The current line up of goods for us to carry are organic wine, ale, tea, gin, vodka, sardines, salted caramel and honey. We are licensed to carry 4.5 tonnes of Cargo in the saloon and 750kg in barrels on deck.  All the cargo is hand loadable. We can take up to 8 paying cargo crew , we have 5 permanent crew consisting of Skipper, cook, two watch leaders and 1 deckhand. We supply wet weather gear, life jackets and harnesses. We are a MCA coded vessel and licensed to carry 16 persons.

Clara was about to embark on her gap year and I was keen for some mother/daughter quality time doing something I love but have never really shared with my kids. I thought Grayhound with her family atmosphere and cosy interior would be a perfect introduction to traditional sailing, and transporting cargo by sail would open her eyes to a different way of trading, kinder to the environment. I wasn’t sure though how much she would enjoy it and I was worried she would get seasick. I shouldn’t have…..She loved her early morning watch and enjoyed the transition from starry night to sunrise and the ever-changing colours of the sea and sky…..That’s what Grayhound does to you. It brings you back down to Mother Earth and the bare essentials. We are now sailing close-hauled to Falmouth. The wind is dictating our progress. Clara’s had to shelve plans of meeting up with friends for drinks on Friday night yet she doesn’t mind. She’s happily reading her book waiting for her turn on the helm. We are sitting side by side in the pilot house, the sun is shining outside, Dave is helming, Marcus is resting, Freya will soon cook us one of her delicious meals and we are enjoying just being together on our little self-contained floating world. The trip has definitely brought us closer and has provided Clara with a wonderful insight of what has been a very important part of my life when I was her age. Not many sailing boats are as welcoming to parents and children as Grayhound is. We never felt we were paying guests, we felt part of the family.

Feedback from Virginia, cross Channel cargo crew Sep 2015

What To Expect

During your voyage we will ask you to muck in with maintenance jobs like tarring the rigging, splicing ropes, painting, storing cargo, cleaning, veg prep and washing up. Crew will be divided into three watches.You will be able to sample the wine and ale that you will be loading.

Food will be good, wholesome and tasty. It will be food for eating at sea, so big pots of stew, soup, pasta and baked potatoes. Homemade cakes and when in France we always enjoy local bread, pastries and cheese. You will be able to sample the wine and ale that you will be loading.

A reasonable level of fitness is needed for these voyages in order to participate. Once in France the time will be spent off loading and loading more cargo, looking around, storing the ship and some sightseeing. Sailing passages will definitely include over night sails.

You will be much involved, these voyages suit people who are keen to learn and pitch in. We will be naturally teaching navigation as we go along during watches. You do not need any prior sailing experience but you do have to be of an adventurous nature and up for working as part of a watch system and part of a team.

We are the 1st British registered vessel to provide a regular cross channel cargo delivery service under sail. An exciting movement towards a greener way of transporting cargo. We are a member of the Sailing Cargo Alliance.

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