Voyages to the Isles of Scilly

Grayhound is our home, built with love and loved by us, the family.
We specialise in taking families sailing to the Isles during the August summer holidays.

Stunning views and remote island anchorages

We row ashore to explore the quiet islands

Beach cooking

Using fresh local and seasonal produce
Voyages on Grayhound
Family friendly

“The patience, teaching, fun and care of Freya, Marcus, Malachi, Pierre and Jasper made for the perfect week.”

Guest crew summer 2018

We are an adventure sailing company, we live aboard in the summer with our son who is seven, the permanent crew and up to nine voyage crew. When you sail with us you sail as we sail and you live as we live. We are a small family run business offering a modern, fresh- faced, adventure sailing experience on a newly built traditional vessel. We hope to tailor your voyage to suit the general desires of the group. As a couple we enjoy hosting, cooking lots of food for everyone, having interesting company on board, some music playing on deck and a glass of wine in hand. As a family, we love sailing, rowing and exploring ashore

7 Nights £1050 adults £669 children 5-15 years   “What a great adventure, a beautiful ship, and a fantastic crew! “

Our starting port is Penzance and from there we sail onto the Isles of Scilly. Our little piece of heaven in Britain. We have sailed all around the Atlantic and sampled some of the best beaches in the world and up high on that list is the beaches on the Isles of Scilly. What will you find ? …..secluded anchorages, swimming off the boat, white pristine beaches, campfires on the beach, island walking, botanical gardens, peaceful places to walk, time to sit and reflect. Great for all ages and types of traveller who want  a mini adventure getting there under sail and then a relaxing holiday amongst the islands. Great food cooked by Freya and eaten around the big saloon table or on the beach. Freya always tries to source local ingredients, our organic sailed wine is available and you can sample the local cheese which is some of the best in the country. We also have a good friend who runs a tapas restaurant on the beach in St Mary’s and we try and visit her once during the week. If you have never been to these islands then put them on your list.

The weather forecast always dictates where we can sail to, luckily we are based in one of the best and most beautiful areas so all our options are fabulous.

Look at the gallery of photos below to get a taste of what a sailing holiday on Grayhound is all about.

Thankyou so much for such a fantastic week onboard the amazing Grayhound !!! I loved absolutely everything about it, from ‘sweating and tailing’ to our midnight sail. You even managed to get me to swim off the boat to St Martins beach…….the food was exceptional and you all made us feel so welcome and happy.

Guest crew summer 2013

We can’t recommend the Grayhound highly enough – it’s amazing! Our voyage on the Grayhound was the most amazing trip – a real trip of a lifetime. The boat is just stunning, the crew were brilliant, very professional and lots of fun to be around. The food was really fantastic and overall we just can’t say enough nice things about it other than that we didn’t want to get off at the end of our week aboard! The Scilly islands were beautiful and it was truly amazing to be exploring them on such an extraordinary boat. The children had an amazing time too, they learned so much and really enjoyed the whole experience and the crew really involved them in everything that we did. We loved it all !”

Juliet Browse Scillies May 2017

Accomodation & Food

Grayhound is a stunning 3 masted Lugger, admired wherever we went, plenty of attention and pictures along the way. Owned by Marcus and Freya and with young son and crew, it had a nice family feel to the adventure. There were plenty of opportunities to help crew and with so many experienced sailors, I had plenty of brains to tap into. I learnt a lot, had a go at the helm (badly I might add, must try harder), raising and taking down sails, helping with tacking, keeping watch on the way to the Isles of Scilly. Weather was really good, beautiful islands, stunning rock formations against the clear blue sky and deep blue sea. Saw a lot of Common Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita), small jelly fish with four bright pink rings in the middle. Wonderful home cooked food on board by Freya, lots of variety and each meal has a surprising little touch that Freya adds. Freya and Marcus like the variety of guest crew and little Malachi adapts very well to new visitors, so it’s quick and easy to settle in.There were plenty of laughs along the way, it was a great experience.

Voyage Crew July 2013

Our long term crew sleep in the aft most cabin under the tiller and have their own space. The Pilot house is sunk into the deck and is subtly hidden from the outside but when you step into it , it is a light airy voluminous space, a central and social part to the vessel. We use the pilot house to navigate in, shelter from the weather be rain or shine. A sociable area to chat in with coffee and during the evening the pilot house is lit with warm spot lights to read your book and chill in. From the pilot house some hobbit like Oak steps lead you into the galley area. Freya’s well equipment, spacious and stylish galley allows her to easily cater for her crew. With stainless steel worktops and electric catering oven and hob, preparing food and cooking is a pleasure.
Marcus and Freya sleep in their hobbit hole cabin off the galley to the starboard so they are right in the
action if needed. Malachi sleeps in his adjacent cabin to his parents and their is a small heads and sink opposite his cabin which is used by everybody. A watertight bulkhead and door divide the galley area with the saloon. Entering the saloon our huge Oak table

dominates the area. Port and starboard bunks lie above the saloon seating and give the saloon a cosy communal space. Seventeen people can easily sit around the table to eat. When warm enough the cargo hatch is lifted to open up the area with a starry sky or a flood of sunshine for breakfast. The saloon accommodates up to five people, one being a double bunk. There is no door between the saloon and fore cabin just an archway. The fore cabin accommodates up to five people in dormitory-style bunks. There is a heads , sink and shower in the fore cabin. The bunks on Grayhound are mostly quite high off the sole, they are wider at the head end and taper at the foot end. They are spacious bunks and all your bed linen is provided on board. The bunks are equipped with lee clothes for when on passage and each have a reading light. In the Fore cabin there is a set of forward companionway steps onto deck. Freya is the full time cook onboard so you can have a relaxing holiday without having to cook! This is our family home in the summer and when you join us you join our table. Freya loves to cook with fresh local ingredients and cooks homely meals. We have been enjoying big bowls of pasta and salads, quiches, seafood, curries and roasts during the summer. We are pretty healthy people and enjoy good food.  We source regional produce, cheese, eggs and meats wherever possible  around Penzance. We do enough fishing to feed ourselves and no more !

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