945263_10151696281492525_864551449_nThe Grayhound Training Project

“Training while we’re sailing”

An opportunity to train as a professional, industry ready sea farer, on a traditional vessel.

<< Traditional seafaring reveals people to themselves in a way today’s technically orientated sailing never can. Grayhound seems to me the epitome of looking life full in the face. She represents an enterprise of shocking boldness. The nation should be proud of young people with a vision on this scale and the fortitude to see it throughTom Cunliffe >>1150990_10151562505522944_251561300_n (2)

We are looking for one to two trainees to join us for short sailing periods aboard the Grayhound in 2015, learning, practising, and finding your confidence as a professional sea farer.  You do not need any sailing experience only an interest and commitment.

We are looking for the right people to make a happy team. You will need to be hard working, adventurous and able to live in close quarters with others.

We are also looking for refit workers for thw winter 2014. Please get in touch !








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