Just some of our comments from those who have sailed with us..

“Please pass on my thanks to Captain Marcus and his crew of Philemon, Ross and Matthew for the excellent 10 days I have just shared with Grayhound. I am glowing with inner warmth from the intense experience.
Grayhound is a unique ship and I am happy to have been able to share her for this little time.” May 2019 channel crossing                                                                          

“Thanks very much for the experience and letting me sail on Grayhound. Never having sailed before I wasn’t quite sure what it would be like but now I am back ashore I look back with fond memories of a wonderful time. Thanks also to Marcus who was very patient with my incompetent fumbling, I always seemed to be pulling on the wrong rope or pushing the tiller the wrong way but he never once lost his rag with me. I can say that come the end I was a lot better at being a sailor than I was at the start and with another 20 years of practice I might even be half way to competent. I will never be Marcus though, who if I could sum up in a sentence I would say he is 11 stone of attitude sculpted by the sea.  May 2019 channel crossing”

 “I just wanted to thank you, Marcus, Filémon, Ross & Virginia for the most fantastic sailing experience Laura & myself had aboard Grayhound recently from Plymouth to Dartmouth.This was the third time I’ve done a trip like this (the other two were on Brixham trawlers) but sailing on Grayhound was by far the most enjoyable & memorable thanks to the crew & of course Grayhound herself.

We enjoyed great weather, amazing food and formed new friendships with both crew & guest crew. Marcus quickly made us feel at home onboard and the atmosphere was very relaxed even though we all had to work hard each day this really pulled the team together & the rewards we all shared together when Grayhound flew made it well worth the effort. We anchored overnight in some beautiful settings where we enjoyed stunning views, great food & drink & even a little sing song to set the mood, Grayhound was my world for those 3 short nights & I loved it!
I genuinely can’t wait to do another trip with you guys again some time in the near future & I’m already missing everyone…..” April 2019


“We had the BEST TIME EVER!! Loved meeting everyone of you and we have been laughing so much remembering all the good times 🌊💛Thank you Markus, Filémon and Ross for patiently telling us to EEEEEEEEASE away over and over and over and over again 🤣

A BIG thank you to Virginia for the most delicious meals. And for the ‘surprise’ birthday cake for Ziggy. That little kitchen really created magic meals 🤩 Our tummies (and our hips) thank you 😆🤩 Thank you ALL!! We have looked at the photos over and over and really enjoying seeing everyone else’s photos too. These are memories that are going to last a lifetime!! 💛🌊💛

..”  april 2019.




“⛵ dear crew, a big THANK YOU to you all once again. I learned from you, was inspired by you and could laugh with you. It was a great experience for me and Martin. Virginia your cooking was .
Thank you Markus for being such fun with all your amazing ideas. And to you Markus and your expert sailors for making it safe and fun to work alongside you. Thank you to you all. 😘 🌬🌤.”   3 night voyage April 2019



“.I’ve just spent a magical 3 days on Grayhound sailing along the Devon coast. I wasn’t sure whether I would be fit and agile enough to cope with it, so booked a short trip to be on the safe side, but didn’t have any problems and now can’t wait to book for something longer/further afield. The ship is beautiful, Marcus and his crew are friendly, helpful and ever encouraging, and the food was fabulous. So many fun experiences crammed into such a short time… There was the thrill of the sailing itself, starting to learn to handle the ropes and tiller, clambering in and out of the gigs to go ashore and learning to row along the way. And then there were the evenings anchored in beautiful quiet bays, enjoying Virginia’s excellent cooking with great company, then swapping songs and conversation late into the night. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”   3 night voyage April 2019




“Great navigation experience.”  cargo voyage April 2019


“This is my second trip with the Grayhound, and I’ve loved it and will remember all of it! The Grayhound family is wonderful. With gorgeous cooking. There’s a perfect balance of pleasure and involvement with the sailing. This is the perfect holiday to break away to see and learn new things! These memories I will have for the rest of my life. I hope I can come again next year!”  James aged 15  April 2019




We spent a magical week sailing on Grayhound with our children who are 14 and 12 in the Isles of Scilly. We had a wonderful holiday – moonlit night sailing, beautiful sunrises, camp fire on Bryher with folk singing from one of the other crew, cannon firing, gig rowing, card playing, rope pulling, anchor winding, stunning beaches and truly amazing food and company. It is a holiday none of us will ever, ever forget!
Many thanks to Marcus, Freya, Malachi, Jasper and Georgie who created a very happy and special week. We will be back!
”  Isles of Scilly 2018


Not much to say here. Don’t ask too many questions, don’t be too worried. Just jump on board and sail away! It’s been a great week on board of the Grayhound, lucky to enjoy all kinds of weather, including a memorable stormy night sail, with captain Markus, Pierre, Jasper and Xeva being a crew I’d go around the world with. Of course, not without Matthew, the cook ;). Already planning the next voyage!.” George Bucar cargo voyage April 2018

“An unforgettable father and son week aboard Grayhound helping deliver a cargo of wine to the Scillies, Falmouth and Plymouth. The experience of crossing the Channel by night will live with us a long time. Marcus and crew create an atmosphere on board that brings out the best in people, encouraging them to get involved, to learn, to feel part of the crew. Great to have persevered through the seasickness and emerged out the other side, on deck again feeling the wind in our hair, steering, hoisting sails, plotting our course and spotting dolphins leaping under our bow. Superb meals from Matthew, sailing tuition from Pierre, Jasper and Xeva, voyage stories from Virginia and Romanian grit from George. Sailing on the beautifully crafted Grayhound is about as far away from a cruise ship experience that you can get while still being at sea and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with an adventurous spirit. Here’s to a season of bon voyages, Marcus, Freya and crew.” Duncan Faulkner Cargo voyage april 2018


“Hey Grayhound! I’ve been sailing with you since 2015 and still not written a review. I love this boat, it’s all warm and cosy down below and a proper pirate ship on deck, complete with working canons! You feel like you’re on an old traditional ship, not one lovingly built as recently as 2012. She sails like a dream in strong or light winds. The crew always makes sure everyone is involved and Captain Marcus never shouts (not that I would know as I can’t hear but that’s what people say, the crew have always been great coping with my disability). And then there is Freya’s delicious cooking, scrumptious to the eyes and the tastebuds. Sailing on Grayhound is very, very special..” Virginia Spencer April 2018

“What a great adventure, a beautiful ship, and a fantastic crew! I traveled all the way from Canada for a week with Grayhound and it was worth it!” Cargo voyage Ryan Moore Sep 2017

“I just wanted to say thank you and let you know I really enjoyed the trip. I was very much outside of my comfort zone and I will admit that I was pretty scared at times during the rough weather we had. I had never had that experience before. But it was exactly what I was looking for and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Cargo voyage September 2017

“Great experience. Wonderful crew with a great, if slightly eccentric, Captain. The cook works wonders to present delicious meals. Don’t worry about sharing close confines with strangers, they will all be like minded people. Don’t bring your hairdryer though! Do bring your sense of adventure.” tim Williams Isles of Scilly 2017

“Just back from the holiday of a lifetime on the Grayhound Lugger. January weather in August was hardly noticed as we enjoyed varied sailing conditions around the Isles of Scilly. Marcus and Freya work incredibly hard to give their guests the most incredible experience and the other crew members are also tirelessly working to keep the boat sailing and educate the passengers in all aspects of traditional seamanship. The beautiful boat, the sailing and scenery by itself would make for such a unique experience but it is all punctuated by the most delicious meals made from freshly sourced local ingredients and prepared by Freya in the galley. I doubt you could find another holiday in the world that combines a real sense of history and adventure in such a beautiful environment.” Isles of Scilly August 2017


“Being part of Grayhound for a week has changed things for me: I have gained a new perspective on everyday life. I am more self-confident and more positive than before. I am more deeply infatuated with sailing and seamanship. And now I know for sure I want to learn it myself.” Cargo voyage June 2017

“I deeply enjoyed my time sailing with you. And not only the actual sailing but also the company of you people on board. The little bits and small tasks needed to make her run. The loading! Physical activity, being outdoors 24/7. The wind, the sea, the waves, the swell — I let go of my everyday mindset. Relaxing and very refreshing! Thank you for doing what you do. I loved being there.” Cargo voyage June 2017

.”A truly inspiring traditional sailing experience powered by the ever-changing winds, a highly skilled crew and Freya’s excellent cooking. You have to try it!” Cargo crew Falmouth – Nantes June 2017

“I love it every time – if anything, this time even more! The way Marcus and Freya show their love to their ship, to what they do, to each other (and Malachi and Etoile) and the way they attend to their guests, crew  (and everything else) – excellent sailors and teachers all! Could it be I am getting too old to be accepted easily??” Cargo crew Falmouth – Nantes June 2017″

We can’t recommend the Grayhound highly enough – it’s amazing! Our voyage on the Grayhound was the most amazing trip – a real trip of a lifetime. The boat is just stunning, the crew were brilliant, very professional and lots of fun to be around. The food was really fantastic and overall we just can’t say enough nice things about it other than that we didn’t want to get off at the end of our week aboard! The scilly islands were beautiful and it was truly amazing to be exploring them on such an extraordinary boat. The children had an amazing time too, they learned so much and really enjoyed the whole experience and the crew really involved them in everything that we did. We loved it all !” Isles of Scilly May 2017

” It was a unique experience. Words cannot describe my feelings and emotions after completing my first sailing trip, all the crew members were incredibly helpful and caring. The crew is what stood out the most. Very interesting people willing to share their knowledge of sailing and supporting you on your learning.” Cargo crew April 2017 Douarnenez – Falmouth

“It was an enjoyable and thought-provoking week, the discipline of passage-making giving it an edge over self- indulgent pleasure cruising.” Cargo crew April 2017 Falmouth – Douarnenez

 “Lovely boat, beautiful journey with an unexpected and delightful treat of visiting the Scilly isles. Boat perfect food.  Large amounts and tasty.   Fantastic to have cakes and goodies every day too. I want to thank you particularly for making my daughter’s time so good.   It was a hard sell to get her to come and she had a (unexpectedly for her )fab time.   She loved helming and the watch system and you gave her a taste of a future she could love!” Cargo crew April 2017 Douarnenez – Falmouth

“I think there is a tricky balance to be made between the learning experience for the crew and the guests.  It can’t be easy to make quick assessments of the varying level of involvement different punters want to or are able to give.  I think you were all really good at this and I’d say everyone had a rewarding experience.  I particularly enjoyed the reluctance to use the engine and that the itinerary was planned so that the destination was achievable under sail.  To me this is what sailing is all about.  One of the highlights was tacking into Falmouth when we had a good idea of what we were doing and worked really well together as a team. Food was perfect,  boat very comfortable and welcoming.”  Cargo crew April 2017 Douarnenez – Falmouth

“Dear Freya and Marcus, my passage with you was inspiring, thought provoking, and just basically wonderful. You have created a great ship and a great business, and i know enough of boats and of people to be very respectful of what you have achieved. It was a great pleasure to sail alongside young Ewan, Rachel and Guillaume, all very absorbed in finding their way in the world. They are lucky to be on board and they know it. I particularly loved observing the way in which you and the ship worked to build the confidence and skill of the crew, and at all sorts of levels. The joy of the craft like Grayhound is that there is diversity and variety in the work, which enables the community who work her to find various kinds of interaction, and various kinds of reward. It’s how work should be done. the relevance of what you are doing is not lost on me, and in this mad century you have healing vision. I would only wish to add a measure of my own chosen cause, in which sailing becomes a medium for integrating the disabled with the able bodied. In that respect, unprepared as you were, you did well ! Thanks ” Cargo crew April 2017 Douarnenez – Falmouth

It was a superb experience to be onboard such a lovely vessel especially as we had been allowed into Marcus’ and Freya’s home. Working the ship and being taught how to make it all come together was a unique and very special experience. I would love to do it again for much longer than just one day in Start Bay.  Truly liberating and really took me out of myself.” Day sail Dartmouth May 2016

“Thank you very much for a brilliant day yesterday. I was really pleased that it went ahead despite the weather and we had a great time. Thanks also for answering all my questions! We were all really impressed by your friendly attitude and I personally think that you are doing a very important job”    Daysail Plymouth May 2016

Life changing in the best way possible. Forget climbing the Everest, diving with whales or becoming a Buddhist monk for a month. Sail on the Grayhound Lugger with Freya and Marcus and you’ll get as close to your true and possible self as you could ever be.” Cargo crew April 2016

“Thank you Marcus and the crew for a great experience on yesterday’s day sail out of Sutton Harbour. Despite horrendous weather forecast, we went out and had the most fantastic day. Biggest lesson of the day: follow your dreams!” Daysail Plymouth May 2016

She loved her early morning watch and enjoyed the transition from starry night to sunrise and the ever-changing colours of the sea and sky…..That’s what Grayhound does to you. It brings you back down to Mother Earth and the bare essentials.  The trip has definitely brought us closer and has provided Clara with a wonderful insight of what has been a very important part of my life when I was her age. Not many sailing boats are as welcoming to parents and children as Grayhound is. We never felt we were paying guests, we felt part of the family. “ Cargo crew September 2015

I have learnt so much and tried so many new things. Thanks for making us so welcome ! This has been real sailing” 

2nd year uni student Plymouth navigation and marine science March 2015

“Freya, Marcus & Malachi ……I think you may have changed some lives this week. A huge thank you. ” Plymouth University lecturer   March 2015

Marcus you are one funny guy you have had me laughing the whole time. I loved getting right involved and when we had to take the sails down in that wind it was a real adrenalin buzz. Can’t wait to do it all again” Tall Ship crew Sep 2014

A magical week, thankyou for sharing Grayhound I will always smile when I remember this voyage I feel very lucky to have experienced it. “ Isles of Scilly 2014

I just loved it all, it was as magical and wonderful as I had wanted it to be. Marcus and Freya were outstanding hosts and I felt very privileged to be on board such a wonderful ship. I only have to think of sailing back under millions of stars watching the phosphorescence at our bow and wake and I am smiling.”

Isles of Scilly August 2014

To Marcus & Freya & Malachi I am lost in admiration of the fact that you built this vessel- and very very grateful that you shared it with us, thank you” Binic 2013

Thanks for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime’s experience, a great weekend and a chance to be outside my comfort zone but, as it turns out, into a new and long wanted place to be. “

West Country 2013

Freya , Marcus and Malachi – you are on 24h x 7 x 12 on call. Teaming, giving, and believing. Realising ypour dream of a life time in a great approved tradition. May good winds be alongside with you especially when you need them. I feel contented, happy and well balanced after 7 days of sailing to the Isles of Scilly. We all worked together as a very successful team and you offered a great experience to us of really high value. Thank you so much”

summer in the Scillies 2014

Hi Freya, we got home today no hassle at all. Thank you again for your care and support over the last two weeks. We had such a wonderful experience and neither of us wanted to leave”

Caribbean March 2014

Great adventure, knowledgeable captain and crew, good views, wonderful food. Really, really good food.”

Caribbean March 2014

Thanks for showing me how to sail a Lugger and how to skull a dingy.”

West Country summer 2013

Beautiful Boat, Beautiful Family, Beautiful Life”

Paimpol Festival summer 2103

Unbeatable even with a day of seasickness”

West Country summer 2013

Thank you so much for a wonderful time. Always felt in good, experience hands. Will recommend to everyone !”

West Country summer 2013

We are back in the UK and back in our routine but wanted to send you just a few lines to say how much we both enjoyed being on board Grayhound recently. You offered a unique sailing experience and it was lovely to share your home with you all during part of your Caribbean voyage. Looking through my photos (few attached) we have lovely memories of silver beaches, turquoise seas, turtles, wind in Grayhound’s enormous sails and the beautiful colours of the Caribbean.”

Caribbean Feb 2014

Freya it must have been such a nuisance always cooking a separate meal for me, so thank you so much for the care that you took. Every meal was so delicious, always something to look forward to and mealtimes hold memories that I will treasure. You are such a genuinely lovely and caring person you made me feel welcome and at home from the moment I stepped onboard. Thank you.
Skipper! Did I ever luck in when you drew me as watch mate! Thank you so much for your patient instruction, explanations, demonstrations and generally for the massive amount of knowledge I have accrued on this trip. I thoroughly enjoyed every watch no matter what time and it was a pleasure to talk with you on so many topics!”

Cape Verde Dec 2013

Hi Freya, and extended family!
Thanks, again, for a most enjoyable, relaxing, welcoming, friendly
trip. thorough enjoyed it. And thanks for the blog. Having spent too
much time just enjoying the trip I didn’t take (m)any pictures. So
it’s great to have something to point friends and family at.”

Canaries Nov 2013

Marcus & Freya, thank you so much for a wonderful six days, i’ve learnt a lot, made many good memories and got a new hobby to indulge/develop.” Binic 2013

A wonderful few days on a magical boat with lovely people. Congratulations on a truly inspirational project.”

West Country June 2013

Freya, Marcus and Malachi

Thank you fro sharing your vision and passion with all of us. It has been a fantastic week of laughter, graft, and inspiration. My introduction to sea faring with your nurturing and guidance has ignited a passion and love for traditional wooden ships and sailing. You have launched me on a lifelong voyage of discovery. Thank you may you go safely on your journey.”

Binic 2013

It has been a real privilege to join Grayhound on its first longish passage and to sail with Marcus, Freya and Malachi. Grayhound is amazing. The different woods and design give so much warmth and character and she sails like a dream. Marcus’ communication skills, patience and enthusiasm are boundless. Freya’s gentle kindness and great meals make time spent in the saloon a joy. As a grandad it’s a pleasure to see Malachi’s sunny character thriving on their parenting skills. I am in awe of what they have achieved in two years and envious of the dreams they now can full fill. Grayhound was deservedly the star of the Binic festival.”

Binic May 2013

First ( classic) yacht experience and i’m sure it won’t be the last ! I can’t have asked for anything more, great food, lovely company, a steaming workout and a voyage that I shall always remember.”

Isles of Scilly July 2013

Thankyou so much for such a fantastic week onboard the amazing Grayhound !!! I loved absolutely everything about it, from ‘sweating and tailing’ to our midnight sail. You even managed to get me to swim off the boat to St Martins beach- which is actually quite a differcult task in this freezing sea !The food was exceptional and you all made us feel so welcome and happy.”

Isles of Scilly summer 2013

Word’s can’t explain what a FANTASTIC week we have had on Grayhound. The most welcoming, entertaining, and amusing week, not to mention the food- out of this world. Must dash….everyone’s gone……xx”

Isles of Scilly July 2013

You all complement each other so well, providing what has been a remarkable holiday that we shall always remember. SO many highlights from arriving tired, out on the first day- getting on board and relaxing, while Josie caught a mackeral, to this last evening onboard, eating Freya’s pizza and just chillaxing to the soft sound of rain on the roof. I hope you always keep the Maverick vibe and thank you for building Grayhound and sharing your vision with us.”

West Country summer 2013

Thank you so much for a fantastic “Swallows and Amazons “ week on the Grayhound. We’ve had so many new experinecs everyday has been an adventure. Real highlights have been eating food cooked on the campfire at the Helford river, arriving into Fowey with Canons firing and jumping into the sea and swimming into Cawsand. …..”

West Country summer 2013

I truly had a great week. Lovely boat, great people!! Thanks a lot and all the best for your journey.”

Canaries November 2013

Dear Grayhound crew

Thank you very much for a wonderful trip. This ocean passage was a great and intense experience. I admire you both, the undertaking to build such a huge boat was very impressive to me.”

Cape Verde Dec 2013

I have absolutely loved living onboard your boat, learning how to become a part of your crew and exploring new places. You are all very special people and it has been a pleasure to get to know you.”

Cape Verde Dec 2013

Thanks for a great trip and sharing your home with me (us)…its been a great experience learning new skills sailing Grayhound…one’s that I will definitely use again !!!!I can’t think of a better way to see the Caribbean and learning to play the guitar. Already looking forward to the next trip.”

Caribbean Feb 2014

What ho ! This was a proper good time, golly gosh ! Thanks for a rocking trip. It was a pleasure to sail and expore with you all and learn a couple of Britishisms along the way. Best of luck for your future trips.”

Caribbean March 2014

Thank you for such a good time your kindness and generosity of spirit.”

Caribbean March 2014

Thanks for the wonderful time. I can’t remember enjoying anything so much. You are wonderful hosts and great teachers.”

Caribbean March 2014

Thank you for sharing “ Grayound “ for the Antigua Classics . Congratulations on Concours d’elegance and “the most photogenic yacht “Great birthday !”

Antigua Classics April 2014

One of the best weeks sailing I have ever had, great people, great boat thanks so much”

Antigua Classics April 2014

Dear Marcus Freya and Malachi

Thank you for letting me join your family and introducing me to sailing. The confidence you showed in me to steer the 67 or 70 tonne vessel was impowering. Freya the food, well, thanks again for the amazing food and fulfilling my request for lentil stew. Truly a remarkable experience enjoyed by your initial Canadian tourist ! Ps Sking sometime ?”

Cruising in the Azores June 2014

Many thanks for helping me celebrate my seventieth birthday with you. Thank you too for sharing your enthusiasm for sailing and teaching me so much more about sailing and seamanship.”

Ocean Passage Horta to Falmouth

Freya, Marcus and Malachi

It was exhilarating, exhausting and totally enjoyable, even when I was feeling a little bit down Zebb and Malachi quickly brought a smile to my face.”

Ocean passage Horta to Falmouth

Recapturing a brief view of sailing in the piece of ‘living history’ that ‘Grayhound’ represents and the chance of adding to my meagre knowledge thereof. The excellent company of genuine all round sailors and the discussions about the minutiae from all on board, from conception to fact that brought this wonderful vessel into being. — Discovering some small aspects that were becoming common to me to me from previous experience. — Marcus’s friendly instruction,Freya’s lasagne and Malachi’s company. — The wind in my face and the swell beneath.”

West Country summer 2013


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